Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dept. of Weak Arguments (Health Care Division)

Steve Benen nails this one: whatever one thinks of health care reform, it's about as foolish as one can imagine for Republican Members of Congress (or, as Steve somehow refrains from saying, extraordinarily rich conservative talk show hosts) to brag about how the great health care they get proves that everything is A-OK with American health care.

(Hey, Seth -- is this guy always this bright?  Although, looking at the article from the Denver Post, it's somewhat possible that it's a cheap shot).

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  1. Coffman's actually reasonably bright. (Compared to his predecessor, Tancredo, he's friggin' Einstein.) He was making a little joke about having broken his foot. I don't blame Dems or the Post for jumping on the quote, but Coffman is usually pretty gaffe-free.


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