Wednesday, January 27, 2010


1.  I'm going to try live-tweeting the SOTU.  Can't vouch for whether it will be worth following or not, but why not give it a try?  Follow me @jbplainblog.

2.  I've been tweeting for a while now, but it's almost always just automated notices that a new post is up here.  Not sure whether I'll start doing more, but the exceptions so far are baseball comments, and I expect I might increase that as the season comes around.  Maybe some politics too...I'm not sure if it's a good format for what I do or not.  I am feeling that my feed is a little on the pathetic side, though, so today's goal is to reach...a dozen followers.  C'mon, whose going to be #12?

3.  Today is the six month anniversary of Plain Blog.  Woo Hoo!  Happy Birthday to Me!  Thanks to everyone for reading,  thanks to commenters, thanks to those who have linked, and especially thanks to bloggers who have answered my dumb questions about how to go about doing this. 

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