Friday, January 29, 2010

Walk Right Through

Jonathan clubbers Chait and Cohn, as well as non-Jonathan Ezra Klein, and I'm sure lots of other heath care reform supporters are all upset at Rahm Emanuel because he's suggesting that Congress consider the jobs bill and the bank tax, and then watch the Super Bowl, and enjoy the Winter Olympics, and then hold off because it's an election year, and better check to make sure that that Mayan 2012 thing doesn't really happen, and wait for Haiti to fully recover and the Arabs and Israelis to reconcile, before finishing health care reform.  Fine; they're right that the White House isn't being very helpful.  That said...

The proper place to apply pressure remains the House of Representatives, which could pass health care reform this coming week if Democrats there are willing to do it, regardless of what the Senate or the White House say or do (and then, after pass, patch).  I'll repeat what I said earlier.  Nancy Pelosi says:

I've said to my colleagues, go in the door. The door's locked? Go to the gate. The gate's locked? Climb over the fence. It's too high? Pole vault in. That doesn't work? Parachute in. We have to get this done for the American people one way or another.
Speaker Pelosi, the front door is wide open.  Just get 218 of your friends together, and walk right through.

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  1. I agree. But is there any meaningful way to apply pressure to the White House as well?


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