Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Baseball Post

I'm supposed to have one of these today, and I'm afraid my blogging time has been all health care, all the time. ballplayers I care about died this week, so that's not going to help.  Wrong season for awards or HOF discussion.  John Smoltz, I guess, is retiring or close to retiring, but I don't really have much to say about him.  I could talk about cocaine use among managers in the 21st century, but I'd have to care, and I don't even care about steroids, so I'm not going to care about that.

Well, there's this: I renewed my Gameday Audio subscription this week (I think they changed the name, though).  Still the best deal in the world -- every radio broadcast by every team all season long, and I think it's still renewing for $15...don't know if the price for new people is a bit higher.  I don't know how many games I listen to per year, but if I'm near a computer and not specifically watching something on TV, I'll have the Giants game on, pretty much throughout the year.  And I'll also listen to the occasional other game...if I'm at the computer in the afternoon during the week, it's about 50/50 whether I'll put music on or listen to a ballgame, assuming that someone has a day game.  Pretty much whatever's on.  And then I'll listen to some games where my roto team has a starting pitcher going.  All told, it wouldn't surprise me if I heard at least a portion of 150 games over the course of the season...I don't think it's more than 200, and it's certainly at least 100.  For $15?  I'll take it.

Sorry, all, for the lamest edition yet of Friday Baseball Post.  Season starts soon, and with any luck these will get better.

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