Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My best wishes for a great holiday to those celebrating various things this week.  As for me, Passover is my favorite holiday of the year, so I'm in good spirits. 

Between the Seders at the beginning of the week, and the Western Political Science Association meetings later in the week, and the Todd Burns League roto draft on the weekend, I'm afraid posting will be on the light side for a bit.  By Monday, things should be back to normal (and as usual we have a couple of openings in the league, so email me if you might be interested). 

Also, thanks to everyone (and especially Andrew) for the record traffic here at Plain Blog.  Hope you stick around!  Health care may be law, but its an election year, and we're apt to have a Supreme Court nomination soon, and there's still a large legislative agenda, plus implementation of all the things that have passed so far.  And Afghanistan.  And Iraq.  And the crazy -- just this morning, I heard a C-SPAN called go on about how Obama is nothing without his teleprompter...sorry, Fallows.   And all the things we don't know about yet.  I suspect there's going to be plenty of stuff to talk about.

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