Thursday, March 25, 2010


(UPDATED below!)

OK, face it, vote-a-rama so far has been a big bust.  Republicans apparently have given up on the idea of throwing out an infinite number of amendments in order to force the Democrats to put an end to it by calling them dilatory, so instead they're just forcing embarrassing votes, most of which (but not all) are fairly dull. 

I can do a bit of reporting, despite having no official certification in the arts of journalism.

As of 12:30 AM Eastern Time, they had taken 23 votes.  I just watched Harry Reid come to the floor and, in the most oblique and restrained parliamentary language, ask the Republicans to put a cork in it already, followed by Mitch McConnell, in equally impenetrable language, telling him to go fly a kite, after which Reid, using the most excruciatingly correct verbiage, told the Republicans that he'll keep them up all night voting if they don't cut it out.  Both of them and all assembled Senators within range of C-SPAN2 microphones seemed in excellent humor, and both of them copiously congratulated the august United States Senate on how well-mannered they all had been during the debate, not like some other Chamber of Congress that they declined to name or even refer to directly.  No Senator called out "baby killer" or "you lie."  After which they resumed voting on the 24th amendment or motion, which they completed while I wrote this Item, and just now began voting on the 25th amendment or motion.  None of which has come really very close at all to passing.

I can also report that Johnny Isakson is seriously messing up his attendance record, having fallen ill earlier this week and now missing a huge number of votes.

I am tempted to put it all on the DVR overnight (there's only about five minutes of action per hour, the rest if voting, so it would be easy to forward through and watch), but alas the DVR is clogged up with stuff I haven't watched yet, so I'll pass.  No way is this worth losing season two of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

(Update:  This is getting much better -- the very next amendment after I posted this, by Senator Bennett of Utah, would have required the District to conduct a referendum on same-sex marriage.  I'm not sure, but I suspect the text of the amendment also certifies that Senator Bennett is too a conservative, take that you Tea Party splitters.  It's still no Star Wars: Clone Wars, but it's getting a little more amusing.  I guess I'll take any further updates to Twitter).

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