Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking

Haven't done one of these for a while...for new readers, these are items that have not been in the news, which is in itself newsworthy.

1. Tim Pawlenty.  Over the last month or two, the only real news he's generated that I recall noticing was his accusations about the MN Senate race.  The one that was settled a year ago.  Excellent way to get buzz if he's running against Al Franken; not so much if he's running against Romney, Palin, and others in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Presidential campaigns can certainly survive quiet spells (see: Obama, 2007), but it's worth noting that, at least in my view, Pawlenty is in the midst of one.

2. Scandal in the House.  After Charley Rangel, and the Massa fiasco...not much, is there?  Unless the investigations surrounding the banking bill go somewhere.  Didn't sound like much to me, so far.

3. Georgia/Russia.  Repeat item.  We're coming up on two years (next month) of "Today we are all Georgians."  Doesn't seem to have changed the balance of power in the world.  Perhaps not everything is Munich, after all.

4.  Fairness Doctrine, of course.  You might be wondering: are conservatives still vigilant against the immanent re-imposition of the Doctrine?  You'll be glad to know that Iowa Republicans are on the job.  Not just Fairness Doctrine, but "We oppose any regulation or law that would restrict the freedom of speech and the rights of citizens’ groups to communicate with the public about what members of Congress are doing on issues, including alerting citizens to upcoming votes in Congress."  Via Seyward Darby.  A great post, but there's just so much more...the Iowa platform is really worth reading.  My favorite?  "We believe that the judicial branch should not be allowed to interpret law to accommodate certain factions."   Ooohhh, "certain factions."  That'll show 'em.

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  1. Hey, another dog that didn't bark. Where was the dredging up of Clinton scandals during the Kagan hearings? I was expecting filegate, travelgate, Whitewater, etc., and instead they just kept criticizing Thurgood Marshall. The Clinton stuff would have been tenuous, of course, but at least Clinton has actual enemies among the non-insane population.


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