Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Baseball Post

Sorry, just a notes post tonight...

* Half an hour of ceremony for Jon Miller before the game tonight, because he's won the Ford Frick Award and is (sort of) now a Hall of Famer.  I've talked a lot about Miller and the Giants broadcast team, so I'll just say that it's well deserved...those of you who have only been exposed to him on the network really should tune in to a Giants broadcast sometime.  Oh, and if you've never listened to Vin Scully, do that, too (you all -- well, I'm assuming that only the baseball fans read these things -- have MLB's radio feed, right?  Best deal in the world).

* I was just reading something that called the 1950s-1960s the Golden Age of Baseball.  Hey, whenever you were a kid is probably what you think was the Golden Age of Baseball, but I'd have to nominate the last fifteen to twenty years.  The aforementioned (Gameday, audio, video); all the terrific information out there; great TV packages for those who like pictures; the revived independent leagues; wonderful ballparks; and certainly no shortage of great and entertaining players and great and independent teams.  On the other hand, I do miss the colorful owners...RIP, George Steinbrenner, who did a lot to create today's game.

* I assume (unless I've forgotten someone, but I don't think so) that the last time we were this far into the season and a Giants hitter had a shot at Rookie of the Year it was Robby Thompson and Will Clark, no one had ever heard of Ollie North, and Buster Posey wasn't born yet.  

* So: does Barry Zito actually draw some votes for Comeback of the Year?  I'm writing this in the bottom of the 7th, and Zito has shut out the Mets so far...where did this season come from?  I sure didn't see it coming.  Although of course it's not as shocking as:

* Bengie Molina, hitting for the cycle.  Come to think of it, the Golden Age of Baseball always seems to be right now.

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