Friday, July 30, 2010

Love For Tender

Let's see...who is likely to support the ADL?  I would guess a not negligible part of their support comes from Jews who consider Arabs and/or Muslims to be their enemies, and neocons and Christian conservatives, who also tend to see Arabs and Muslims as their enemies.  On the other hand, J-Street is trying to build on the niche of liberal Jews who see themselves as explicitly opposed to Jewish anti-Arab bigotry.

Read the results here and here.

In less depressing (I guess) news about the Jews, or at least if you want to get away from cold rational-choice type logic and read something warm, interpretive, and creative, don't miss Noah Millman on Merchant of Venice.  Just an alert -- the first half of the lengthy post, which is a review of the Pacino production, is good, but you don't want to miss the back half of the post.


  1. The ADL didn't used to be so wingnutty. Seems like my dad was a member as well as a member of the ACLU and Amnesty International.

    When did they get so reactionary?

    Also, not that it matters but why hasn't anyone in the media mentioned that there is already a mosque near the WTC site, has been since the 1970s? Called Masjid Manhattan?

    The fact that no one in our clueless media has even bothered to mention this during the Ground Zero Mosque debate leads me to believe that this, like so much else, is just another piece of Kabuki theater cooked up to occupy the masses and keep everyone in a state of high dudgeon. You know, bread and circuses without the bread.

  2. I read Millman's piece on the Merchant of Venice. At best, it is a dishonest or a dumb piece. Stick to political science and stay away from theatre criticism.

  3. Don't be depressed, Get Happy!!

  4. I'm really horrified by the ADL's proclamation. I've had my differences with them in the past, but I liked having them around. Now they've finally, at long last, completely jumped the Soup Nazi.

    J-Street was founded as an alternative to AIPAC, not the ADL. You're talking apples and oranges; AIPAC and J-Street are Zionist lobbying organizations, whereas ADL is (allegedly) a Jewish anti-bigotry watchdog group. There is currently no alternative to the ADL, at least not of its scope. As Jonathan Chait said, maybe we should start a new organization.


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