Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking

An occasional item about items that have not been in the news -- which is, therefore, newsworthy.

1.  I've seen some outsider speculation about what Nancy Pelosi would do if the Democrats lose the House, but so far I don't think I've seen any actual whispers against her that seem to come from inside her caucus.  As far as I can tell, she can have Minority Leader if she wants it (and my guess is that she will, especially if modest gains in 2012 would put her back in the big chair).

2.  Crime bill.  Remember when passing a crime bill was a major deal every even-numbered year?  You wouldn't think that crime decreasing would end that, but I guess it has. 

3.  Combined item: Obama administration scandals/Cabinet Secretaries leaving.  Haven't heard much on either count.  Remember, Obama is about to be hit with a huge wave of out-of-work Democratic politicians looking for high-profile jobs (what -- you think they'll all just become slimy lobbyists?). 

4.  I'm less sure about this one, far as I know, there aren't any gay-baiting ballot measures this fall, and I'm not hearing a lot of gay-baiting from GOP candidates this time around, whether on marriage, DADT, or whatever.  If in fact that's the case, it's a significant item.

5.  I always finish with the silence out of the White House on the Fairness Doctrine, but I'm sort of thinking that gun control is actually a better one.  I know: both! 

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  1. We have heard about Gates leaving, and that's really one of the biggest ones. We've also heard that Obama wants a Dem (I'm betting Jack Reed, but hoping for Michelle Flourney).

    I think it's surprising we haven't heard about Geithner looking for the door. Granted, Obama would hardly want his entire economic team leaving at once, but Geithner's not popular or a good messenger.

    The other big members don't seem like they're going anywhere. Who cares about the rest?


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