Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Screed of the Day

I'm not going to even try to pull a quote, or attempt a subtle analysis -- just go over and see why Kevin Drum gets frustrated writing about public policy.


  1. Ah yes, the problem with politics is that we keep taking the other guys' positions too seriously. That's as convenient/dumb as believing in the (as I think you call it) Iron Rule of Politics.

    Sorry if I've accidentally posted this about 8 times, my POS internet access is acting up again. Consider my multiposting an implicit argument against state-sponsored broadband monopolies

  2. I think he's saying that when arguing with the other side, he's tired of having to take arguments seriously that are obviously wrong, meaning that they are either deliberately disingenuous or just plain stupid. For example, when right wingers claim that tax cuts increase revenue, it's gotta be bewildering to have to debate that with reports from economists when you should just be able to say 'quit it with the crazy talk!' and be done.


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