Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Very straightforward this week: who are you rooting for on Tuesday?  Holding the partisan balance of power even, which specific races do you care about winning? 


  1. Tancredo and Rand Paul.

  2. I'm torn; I'm not entirely happy with all of the candidates put forward for the races.

    I won't lose any sleep over the likes of Christine O'Donnell or Sharron Angle losing their elections.

    I would however like to see the Republicans take over the House at least; one of my criticisms of Obama has been the lack of bipartisan involvement in policy making, and a Republican majority will hopefully change that . Yes, he's hosted plenty of round table discussions, but policy wise he has this tendency to try to 'predict' then accommodate the conservative position, as he did with his tax cuts in the stimulus package and with (to a certain extent, I feel) financial regulation.

    I would like to see him negotiate more directly with Republican leaders - to me, bipartisan policy is policy written by both parties, not policy that's thought up by one party and then watered down to draw in the other.

    I'm not saying he 'jammed anything down our throats', I just think that policy discussions will be more productive if Obama shows similar respect for Republican leadership as he does for, say, Robert Gates or Ben Bernanke.


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