Monday, November 8, 2010

Oooh! Oooh! Call On Me!

Jonathan Cohn (w/my emphasis added):
Restore those payments, and you’re wasting taxpayer dollars. And a lot of those wasted dollars will go to hiring new people to work at insurance companies. They won’t be government bureaucrats, obviously. They’ll be insurance company bureaucrats. But is that really better? Is the Tea Party in favor of waste as long as its lines the pockets of insurance executives rather than Uncle Sam?

(See also: missile defense.  And ag).

(Yes, you should read the whole piece, of course; it's excellent, as always.  And, yes, there's diversity of opinion among Tea Partiers.  On the whole, however, I'm not expecting a Tea Party revolt against the GOP for that sort of thing.  Also, I should note, as usual, that Citizen Cohn reprints some of my posts).

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