Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Where do you get your news?  Not opinions, or analysis, but basic news? 

Are you reasonably satisfied with your news sources?  Do you worry a lot about bias?


  1. The NPR News Hour anchored by Jim Lehrer. They customarily spend 10-15 minutes on a given story, with contributions from experts across the political spectrum. As fair and balanced as you're going to find anywhere on TV. (An additional plus: I have yet to hear a reference to any of Sarah Palin's "tweets.)

  2. I get my news through a variety of internet sources and the local paper.

    I don't watch Fox or any of the "channels" as I have come to consider those sources too unreliable as they "self censure" the news they report.

    Online I tend to use RealClearPolitics which itself is definitely a conservative leaning. But they link everyone.

    In fact I have come to use their video page if I feel a need to actually watch something as they have a link page to the following sites ( in the lower left hand of the page )
    Early Show O'Reilly Factor Face the Nation
    Fox & Friends Fox News Sunday Glenn Beck
    Hannity Hardball Larry King Live
    Meet the Press Morning Joe Countdown
    On the Record Rachel Maddow Special Report
    This Week Anderson Cooper 360
    The Today Show Good Morning America
    CBS Evening News The Situation Room

    Which if you look at the list pretty much gives you the whole spectrum.


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