Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Speaking of John McCain and the Sunday shows...I can't imagine too many conservatives are thrilled to have him as such a prominent voice on the right.  So: leaving out the presidential candidates, who would you like to see more often on TV (or in general) representing conservatives?  I'm especially interested in politicians, but I'll take others, too.


  1. I'd have liked to see a proper discussion over the START treaty at the very least this weekend, so I'd go with Richard Lugar.

    In more general terms, I want to see some of the fresh new faces take on the media a little more and dispel the notion that they don't have the policy to back up their words. I'm hopeful, but that can quickly turn to skeptical if a few months from now we see little progress made.

    By the way, am unhappy with Michele Bachmann's decision to turn down the position on the Appropriations committee. Not sure what kind of message she was trying to send, but it wasn't one of the leadership she promised in her campaign (then again, similar sentiments can be made of Obama between his campaign and presidency).

  2. "I can't imagine too many conservatives are thrilled to have him as such a prominent voice on the right."

    Jonathan, wasn't your last post (or moreso, your other posts on this topic) largely arguing that conservatives *don't* mind having McCain as a prominent voice on the right? Your point largely seems to be that if McCain is on the Sunday shows, Republicans must be OK with him representing them.

  3. ResumeMan,

    Yeah, I didn't write that very well. I think most Republican pols and top-level operatives are OK with McCain on the Sunday shows, since (1) no one should care who is on the Sunday shows, and (2) they perceive him as not *too* bad. In this question, however, I'm thinking more about activists and rank-and-file, who may or may not be OK with McCain, but probably are a lot more enthusiastic about others.

  4. I hate seeing McCain and Lindsey Graham. I like Marco Rubio, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty and Chris Christie. I love Bobby Jindal, but not on TV. But I suppose they're all presidential candidates!


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