Friday, November 12, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

I seem to get farther and farther behind on this feature recently...but it's not all bad, because the older pieces here are at least not the same ones that everyone is talking about right now, and I can filter out what didn't keep.  The rest, like Max Lewis's This Day in History, are pure gold.  So:

1.  I've always thought that Marc Ambinder was a terrific blogger and a good reporter, and I still think he'll be wasted in his new role.  Nice farewell.  We'll miss him, but I suspect he'll be back.

2.  Health care: Suzy Khimm looks at the states.

3.  Scott Lemieux tells liberals the truth; David Frum does the same for conservatives.  Also, Andrew Sullivan, on untruth.

4.  Michelle Goldberg on Glenn Beck and the Jews, and also on Glenn Beck and the Founders.

5.  Can a list of links link to links?  Why not?  I've mentioned this before, but Bruce Bartlett's "Notations" is outstanding, a real resource.  Here's one on state and local governments.

6.  Economics and ideology, from Tim Fernholz.

7. Dan Drezner on the toner attack.

8.  Josh Huder on why the Congressional reform takes time; John Sides on divided government; and Brendan Nyhan on temporary majorities.  Also, Alan Tabarrok explains Arrow.

9.  Matt Yglesias: an instant classic giving advise to the scandal-ridden pol, and advise to people who get nasty responses.

10.  And I've always agreed with Smatthew on the subject, but James Fallows could almost make me an NPR booster.

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