Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I've been talking this week about two possible strategies for Congressional Republicans, and I want to know: which one do you want?  Option one is party of no, continued: they forget, mainly, about the positive conservative agenda, and devote most of their time to rejecting anything Barack Obama wants.  Option two involves trying to get as much of the GOP agenda passed as possible, even if it means (which, given divided government, it must) compromising with the Democrats in order to get what they can get. 

So, which path do conservatives want the GOP to follow?


  1. "the positive conservative agenda,"

    What agenda? The GOP ran on tax cuts and slogans. They certainly don't have anything close to a realistic budget proposal in their pledge document. I would like them to work on cutting the defense budget with Obama but I doubt they are interested.

    Oversight is an important tool of Congress that the previous GOP House neglected. They should stay away from Chicago real estate deals. Geithner should be a frequent witness. TARP operations should be examined in detail.

    Immigration enforcement should also be scrutinized by oversight. The "virtual" part of the border fence has failed. They should pass funding for a physical fence along the entire border.


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