Friday, March 18, 2011

Catch of the Day

Love it, love it, love it:
Newt Gingrich ripped Barack Obama on Fox News last night for publicly releasing his NCAA bracket during a time of crisis.

Oddly, Newt then deviated from his slam to give his own picks.
That's from Christian Heinze, over at The Hill's GOP12 (via Goddard).

Now, I have to admit that Heinze pushes it a's a one-paragraph digression about what Newt thinks of a couple schools, and he doesn't quite actually get into any real basketball detail. But, you know, if you participate in a preposterous smear, you really don't deserve the benefit of the doubt when it turns out you're basically doing whatever it is you're accusing someone of.

Which, of course, is basically Newt's career in a nutshell.


  1. So what are your NCAA picks? (Grin)

  2. You and Heinze missed the point entirely.

    It's not that Obama shouldn't be making picks. It's that his picks clearly encourage class warfare. He picked all the #1s to make it to the Final Four! This is 'Merica, where a team can pick itself up by its shoelaces and beat the odds, especially in the 5-12 and 6-11 matchups. But, no, Obama played it safe. You know who else played it safe? Hitler.

  3. Matt,

    Sorry, but Newt praised Duke, so that's not gonna fly, either. See Chait, today.

  4. Two things. First, I saw another great comment to the effect of "Newt criticizes Obama for spending time on basketball picks instead of adultery."

    Second, don't liberals see that by picking Kansas, Obama is obviously revealing his Manchurian-candidate-like secret devotion to the anti-coastal-elite heartland values of his Kansan grandmother?

  5. The odd thing is that picking all the #1's to make it in the men's tournament isn't playing it safe. I think that's only happened once in the past 20 years.Usually a #2,#3, or #4 seed slips in there somewhere.

    And didn't David Brooks demonstrate (inadvertently) that rooting for Duke is flat-out class warfare against the poor?!5517308/david-brooks-provides-us-with-yet-another-reason-to-hate-duke-and-david-brooks

  6. Ah, but KR Smith, that's EXACTLY why Obama = Hitler. Hitler played it safe by not declaring war on the US until 1941, and that was his ruin because the US wasn't weakened by years of war. Ironically, Hitler should have declared on the US earlier, which seemed less safe but was actually moreso.

    See?!?! Obama is Hitler because he plays what he THINKS is safe. Glenn Beck told me that while it seems stupid to invest in gold after its had such huge increases, it's actually smart. And he knows, becuase he SEEMS crazy, but he's actually smart and got smart reading at public libraries (which we now shouldn't fund, because that would be socialistic).


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