Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Locke to China Is Great News For Blog Readers

Just to get the news out of the way...with Jon Huntsman moving from China to the presidential campaign trail, Barack Obama has decided to replace Hunstman with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke -- thus putting Locke on the presidential trail, himself. Well, it worked for George H.W. Bush, even if it's not likely to work out for Huntsman.

This leaves an opening at Commerce, which is very good news for blog readers, because it means that Matt Yglesias is resuming his wonderful but sadly lapsed series about Secretaries of Commerce in US history. Chapter 11, already up, is about W. Averell Harriman.

Harriman is an interesting guy to read about, but given that the twitters tell me that today is International Women's Day, I'd also recommend reading up on his truly fascinating late-in-life wife, Pamela Harriman (that's just the wikipedia link; if anyone has a better suggestion, please leave it in comments).

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