Friday, March 4, 2011


No, I can't yet call a winner in the big impeachment contest yet; sorry, John McNulty, all Trent Franks has done is to say he'd support impeachment. For the contest to produce a winner, a Member of the House would have to actually file a resolution.

Grounds? Yeah, like those are necessary. But if you're interested, here's the WorldNetDaily "story" with Franks's position; it's over the DOMA decision, for what it's worth, although WND has various impeachment supporters cited in the story who have other reasons for impeachment. Steve Benen has more.

Guess I'll go ahead and re-open the contest. Leave your prediction for the first formal impeachment resolution (Member, date) below. Already taken: Bachmann, Brown-Waite, Wilson, Paul, Braun, Kucinich, McCain (my favorite one so far), Foxx, Kesha Rogers, Steve King, Buchanan, Issa, Gohmert, Schock, Schmidt, Blackburn, Poe, Boehner, West, Franks, and Nobody. Lots of good, creative symbolic dates in the earlier post, but I won't repeat those here.

(See also the other big Plain Blog contest -- how many constitutional amendments will reach the floor of the House during the current Congress?)


  1. Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX), Eve of Government Tyranny Day (April 14). I anticipate impeachment to be related to DOMA, but timing it with Tax Day is a two'fer. What better day to combine tax protests and anti-POTUS sentiment with the other slam dunk in your district, social conservatism?

  2. Wouldn't Kesha Rogers have to be a member of Congress first?

  3. I'm not sure who Braun is. But I'll go ahead and take my own sorry excuse for a Congressman Paul Broun. April 15 seems like an easy bet as it's both tax day and the release of the box office bomb Atlas Shrugged.

  4. Jon- No resolution formally introduced yet, but has Kucinich staked out the pole position?

  5. West, April fools day.

  6. expect impeachment for Utah's Attorney general-


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