Friday, July 15, 2011

Catch of the Day

David Weigel asks and answers a great question pulled from the results of a new Rassmussen poll. The question asks who are the 6% of the American people who believe that a government default would be good for the economy. Weigel's answer?
A disproportionate number of these people have been elected to Congress.
Yup. Certainly, if you listen to the more Tea Party inclined Members of the GOP conference, that's one of the things you hear (albeit paired with the idea that any talk of default, or really any major consequences from ignoring the August 2 deadline, is all phony scare talk).

Of course, as Kevin Drum notes, some GOP activists are coming very close to calling an economic cataclysm a plus, not a minus, as long as it occurs with Barack Obama in the White House.

It is, of course, rather difficult to negotiate with someone who holds those views.

Nice catch!

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