Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Double Super Secret Plan, an Update

Inspired by Nate Silver and Nicolas Mendoza, I've reluctantly decided to revisit a topic I blogged about on the Friday evening leading into Fourth of July weekend, which means no one noticed it.

Oh well. Might as well have fun with it.

July 28, 2011 Barack Obama announced he's had second thoughts, now fully endorses Boehner plan, CCB, and Reid plan. His new bottom line? He'll accept anything Congress can pass, as long as it isn't just a short-term clean debt limit extension.
July 28 (twenty minutes later): House passes clean debt limit extension through 2013.
July 29 Obama condemns House, urges Senate to pass Reid plan and DeMint's Balanced Budget Amendment; Senate passes clean extension.
August 1 Obama signs bill with great reluctance, calling out Boehner and Cantor for ruining the nation.

August 30 Obama says debt limit great missed opportunity, calls on Boehner to implement $4T, all spending deficit reduction with FY 2012 bills -- veto threat against clean appropriations bills without fundamental Medicare and Social Security reform.
September 15 Congress passes and sends to Obama clean appropriations bills for FY 2012.
September 16 Obama vetoes FY 2012 appropriations, threatens government shutdown if Republicans won't slash entitlements.
September 21 Combined Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh rally to save Social Security and Medicare ("Don't Touch a Dime") draws 5 million to Capitol Mall, millions more across the USA.
September 22 Congress overrides appropriations vetoes.

October 15 Obama goes on Hannity, declares support for Constitutional Amendment to revoke 14th Amendment "born in USA" citizenship.
October 18 Obama overheard on live mike telling racist joke about Latinos featuring multiple slurs.
November 4 House passes historic amnesty as part of comprehensive immigration reform, once again becomes law over Obama's veto.

October 31 Freak Halloween snowstorm dumps three feet of snow on DC, shuts down government; Obama delivers Oval Office address blaming Al Gore.
December 13 New House-passed carbon tax enacted into law.

January 2012 Michele Bachmann sweeps to GOP nomination after Obama hangs "Anyone But Bachmann" sign off White House balcony.

February 2012 Lawsuits dropped: video released of Obama musing at fundraiser that he had always been against the individual mandate, and they would be surprised to know that he actually considered it a mistake.

March 2012 House passes "Back to Work Act," massive public jobs program, after Obama pens NYT op-ed attacking FDR and praising misunderstood Hoover

May 2012  Andrew McCarthy, Marc Thiessen, and Liz Cheney respond to Obama Law Review article: we must close Gitmo now, try all alleged terrorists in Article III courts. Congress appoints Truth Commission to investigate Bush-era detention, recommend prosecution.

July 2012 After "wouldn't want my daughter to be one" comment, House repeals DOMA, passes ENDA.

September 2012 Convention shocker: Obama will stay on ballot, but "As for myself, I'll be voting for Bachmann/Cain and urge you all to vote straight-party GOP ticket"

...and you can fill in the second term yourself.

UPDATE: See too Paul Waldman, who beat me to it today by several hours.


  1. My favorite one:

    September 21 Combined Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh rally to save Social Security and Medicare ("Don't Touch a Dime") draws 5 million to Capitol Mall, millions more across the USA.

    Can we call it "Rally to Restore my Government Welfare"?

  2. well, the "do the opposite of whatever Obama wants" mindset in the Republican party is very, very strong....


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