Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

What would you consider a successful outcome of the debt limit showdown? Do you think it's possible to get it?


  1. A Sunday question for Jonathan Bernstein: Why do you consistently get so many more answers for your Liberal Sunday questions than for your Conservative ones?

  2. I wrote a long response to this comment involving epistemic closure on the right but then decided not to because so few conservatives would read it.

  3. Bill: obviously it is because conservatives don't have the answers any more :-p

  4. Well, look, the people whose links brought thus blog to prominence were liberals, so the readership is likely predominantly liberal. The commenters in general are certainly predominantly liberal. And JB isn't exactly hiding his own partisan affiliations. There's clearly some natural filtering going on. It's a bit of a shame; but the sunny side is that the conservatives who do comment tend to be exceptionally even-tempered as well as exceptionally thoughtful.


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