Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

How do you manage to not hit a HR with a guy on base for a month. A month! That's what the Giants have done now, according to the radio crew today. Ugh.

Of course...well, I can't really blame it on having Orlando Cabrera hitting 5th in the order, but how do you have Orlando Cabrera hitting 5th in the order? I'm not sure how you can have him on your team in the first place, anyway. OK; I'm not going to write about him every week for the rest of the season.


Anyway, here's the stat of the week, which I should have looked up right away when the Giants traded for Jeff Keppinger, who had a couple hits today and isn't terrible, but hasn't been much good, either. Keppinger lifetime against the Giants? 330 BA, 406/432 OBP/SLG. Yeah, there's a surprise. For what it's worth, Cabrera has not been especially good against the Giants lifetime, although he was pretty good last year and in 2009. Oh, and he hit two HRs against the Giants in three games in 2008.

Not that I think Brian Sabean gets massively biased by what players do against his team. No, he couldn't possibly be that foolish, right?

Oddly enough, I'm still about as optimistic as ever about the season. And the aggressive version of Sabean that's returned over the last couple years has a lot going for it. It's just amazing that a guy can be a major league GM -- and overall not a terrible one -- despite having displayed absolutely no ability to evaluate hitters.

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