Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

It's Ames week, and there's a debate coming up, too. What's a question that you would like to have the Republican presidential candidates answer?


  1. Can a relative liberal ask one? I'd like them to answer what, if any, categories of federal spending are off the table in terms of real spending cuts (not "finding efficiency", but real cuts to projected spending).

    I think this is actually something a lot of conservatives would want to know, too. Just a simple list of what is off the table.

  2. How should the US respond to China's currency manipulation?

    What is the goal in Afghanistan?

    Should legal immigration be lowered as long as unemployment stays high?

  3. OK, I'm not a conservative but I want to ask, "how rich should I have to be to make sure I don't have to work until I die?"

  4. "Will you push for a Reagan-style comprehensive tax reform that broadens the tax base in exchange for lower marginal rates?"

    I happen to think our fiscal solution needs to involve reining in spending rather than increasing taxes, but there's still plenty of room to improve the tax system. And pitching it as "Reagan would have wanted it this way" could help to sell it.


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