Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I don't know if "conservative" is a reasonable word for John McCain, but regardless: how do you think McCain would have handled Egypt/Libya/Syria over the last several months?


  1. I'm split between:

    McCain would have behaved much as Obama has.

    We don't know enough about McCain to say.

  2. Not a conservative, but I think there's a genuine reason to believe that McCain would've been much more willing to support uprisings with money, materials,and military force. I think there would've been different results in the different cases (US military force in Egypt would've been a disaster, but probably no change in Libya, even though I think McCain might've had us as the tip of the spear).

    And I'm not certain about this. But based on things like his early support of the surge and his comments about Georgia, I think he in general prefers the US to be really active on the world stage.

  3. Not a conservative but... It would have been easy for us to drop bombs on Libya/Syria/Egypt on our bomber's way to our wars in Iran and Pakistan.


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