Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elsewhere: Campaign Watching, Budget Myths

Before I wrote about why silly campaign flaps happen here, I wrote something for Plum Line earlier about which things to ignore and which to pay attention to during the presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, over at Post Partisan I risked the wrath of Joey Ramone and beat up on Maria Bartiromo because she bought the phony GOP spin that Congress didn't pass a budget last year. I'm really not sure why this one gets to me as much as it does; of course, there's plenty of phony spin on the campaign trail. But there's something about this one that leaves me constantly correcting it. Probably all the time I've put in explaining the budget process to people, but who knows?

At any rate, it's one thing for the campaign to come up with phony spin; it's another for a reporter to be totally snowed by it (and more; as Brian Beutler reported, she also bought the "Obama's budget got zero votes" junk). I'd ask whether CNBC is normally this gullible and ill-informed when they report the financial news, but I suspect I know the answer.


  1. Sorry to post off-topic, but I just saw this from yesterday:

    "I haven't read Rachel Maddow's book -- a book by a TV talk host?"

    For someone who claims to be writing about politics, I found that statement rather dismissive. And then you put it in print. No, Rachel Maddow is not like Piers Morgan, much less a hack like Sean Hannity.

    Apparently one of us is too smart for this blog, Professor.

    That said, thanks much for the education on the invisible primary.

  2. Regarding Maria Bartiromo and CNBC, they went Republican about a decade ago. Not sure why, but my anecdotal experience from the time (I switched to Bloomberg as a result soon after) was that they had a lot more Republican politicians on the network than Dems. This was also about the same time the network started treating CEOs as celebrities.


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