Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elsewhere: The Supremes and ACA, Ryan Fun

I think I forgot to link yesterday's PostPartisan effort, which was about SCOTUS and the ACA. I covered the conservative argument that if the Court's majority believe post-New Deal interpretations of the Constitution have it all wrong, then one legitimate path for them would be to knock out ACA (or at least the mandate) on the fraudulent pretext of the activity/inactivity distinction.

Meanwhile, today over there I had some fun at Paul Ryan's expense after he claimed that there are a bunch of Democrats who secretly support him.

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  1. BTW, Allen West now claims there are 80 House Dems who are "secretly" members of the Communist Party.

    You really can't make this up. Yes, elected Democrats have pushed the CIA-crack thing before. But, for sheer chutzpah, how do you beat the modern GOP?


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