Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elsewhere: Marriage, Partisanship

Not going to add much to the links today, but: over at Post Partisan, I talked about a nice polling point that Charles Franklin had made, and added a story of my own. Then at Plum Line, I looked at what Democratic Senate candidates are saying about marriage equality. Answer? Not much, so far, at least outside of New England, and least as far as I could tell from their web sites.

I've already looked at Democratic web sites and public option (similar answer: not much). Are there any issues y'all would like me to look at? How about on the Republican side? Note: I'm not tracking down their positions on issues, which various places take care of. What I'm interested is what they feature on their campaign web sites, where are a form of advertising. In my view, that tells us something different than just what their positions are -- although I am dealing with a fairly small group of candidates, so there's that, too.

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  1. How about civil liberties issues with regards to the war? It's a big bugaboo on the Dem side and the libertarian right side, but pretty firmly part of what you say is the Washington policy consensus.


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