Monday, April 23, 2012

Elsewhere: Target Demographics, Polling, and the Real Obama

Three items today. First, I was on the Brian Lehrer radio show (with Molly Ball) this morning talking about target demographic groups and the presidential election. Problem is (or maybe not; I don't know what makes good radio) I wasn't really playing along; instead of talking about target demographic groups, I was talking uniform swing. Or, you know, just read what John Sides and Andrew Gelman wrote on the topic on Friday. Odd fact: I had already told the radio folks that I was going to challenge the premise on Friday before I read those pieces, but then shamelessly swiped the rest of the argument from John and Andrew.

At Plum Line today, I did some cranky blogging at the NYT public editor said over the weekend that their job should be to find out who the "real" Barack Obama is. See also an earlier Brendan Nyhan column.

And at Post Partisan, I warned everyone (again) to look out for goofy polls.

The radio spot was fun to do. Don't know whether it will be fun to listen to (it's almost 20 minutes long), but the discussion ranged quite a bit, including my standard Veepstakes advice for Mitt Romney: do no harm.


  1. Enjoyed the radio segment. Coincidentally, just as you were concluding with VP advice, I came across this comically naive piece on RedState refuting the notion that Palin wasn't vetted well.

  2. We expect the NYT to act like what it is, an organization comprised 90% of big-government democrats. The public editor is just trying to convince clueless non-liberals that there's someone on their side by throwing liberals like you some nice ones right down the middle to inveigh against from a reliably lib stance. Well done.

    1. Not sure Arthur Brisbane the public editor is that clever.

    2. Probably true. I heard he was getting his ideas at the new Journolist.


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