Thursday, April 12, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Nicholas Brendon, 41.

The good stuff:

1. Nice post by Jordan Ragusa on Americans Elect.

2. Bill Clinton is responsible for "38 percent of all presidential mentions of the word." What word? Stupid. Yup, stupid. Great research from Eric Ostermeier. My guess is that Clinton has to be also responsible for 90% or so of the presidential uses of the phrase "brain-dead," too.

3. Michael Tesler on race and opinions of the president's dog. Really.

4. Jamelle Bouie makes the case for Mitt Romney to go positive.

5. And Jodi Cantor on empty governors' mansions.


  1. Xander is in his 40s? I guess we all get old, don't we?

  2. and his twin brother stand-in, Kelly Donovan!


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