Friday, April 6, 2012

Holiday Greetings (Plus Elsewhere)

Gut Yontif to everyone celebrating Passover beginning this evening, and holiday greetings too for those celebrating Good Friday today and those celebrating Easter on Sunday. And that's not all! Bud Selig has decided to roll out that great national holiday, Opening Day, over several days, so I hope everyone is enjoying that as well. Me? I'm a little annoyed that I'll have to sneak updates of The Freak against the Diamondbacks tonight. But it's very good to have baseball back.

Just quickly, because I still have kitchen responsibilities: over at Post Partisan I weighed in again on Mitt Romney as a generic Republican candidate; at Plum Line, I thought that Romney's stuck if the economy revives because I'm really not sure what issues he could focus on that play well for Republicans. Of course, if he tanks, then the economy will play well for them.

Okay. I may be back with a Friday baseball post, depending on how late the seder goes, but the various weekend items should run in more or less their regular times...well, What Matters might not show up until Sunday, I guess. And now, off to celebrate freedom. Not a bad theme!


  1. Chag Sameach, JB! Next year in Jerusalem.

  2. Chag Sameach, Jason! Hope your seder went smoothly and with a minimum of mishigoss.

  3. If the economy soars I think he will go with a combination of regulatory and foreign policy (e.g., the socialist-Kenyan strategy). Yes that will require nonstop lying and the hope not enough people are subject to "error correction", but that is sort of his whole shtick these days.


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