Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comment of the Day

Have to highlight this comment to my "balanced ticket" post earlier today. Geoff G. starts with a cheesy one playing on Robot Mitt that I had actually thought of using but abandoned, but then gets truly inspired:

Balance is very important, and Mitt knows it. Evidence? Every single name on the shortlist is a human being. The perfect complement.

But I'm hoping that Mitt goes outside the box by hiring a Ronald Reagan impersonator and claiming that it's Ronald Reagan. "But Reagan is dead!" says the liberal media. "Don't you wish, Com-symps! The liberal media claimed he was dead so they could put socialist GHW Bush in the White House and his son could betray conservatism by governing as a conservative. He's as alive as you and me." (A song comes to mind)

The fact-check sites investigate, but can't find conclusive proof that Reagan is dead. Yes, Romney has referred to "the late Ronald Reagan," but you can't believe anything he says. California refuses to release the long-form death certificate, and Peggy Noonan refuses to have the body exhumed. The fact that the alleged impersonator has on at least two occasions said in front of credible witnesses, "I'm getting sick of this; just give me my check and I'm out of here," is suggestive, but reports from the '80's confirm that Ronald Reagan said the same thing at the end of nearly every cabinet meeting.

We rate the claim that Ronald Reagan is dead as half-true, and the claim that he is alive as half-false.
A bit sprawling in places, but the core idea is a win.

I don't really have any additional value added to this one, but I'll tag on that I totally agree with Seth Masket's advice to Mitt Romney today: be conventional and boring!


  1. I don't really have any additional value added to this one

    Except a couple of digs at the comment's cheesiness and sprawl? WTF?

    1. If this were the first, or even the 101st, time "cheesiness and sprawl" were used in reference to something I wrote, I might be a little hurt. But, when the shoe fits.... And thanks, JB.

  2. As a supplement to Masket's sound "the economy is a mess and I can fix it" formula, I would add that Mitt, whose natural default persona is moderate, needs further ballast against the burden of GOP extremism he's forced to carry. Another 'boring,' seemingly competent whitebread guy who's had some at least apparent success running a state would reinforce the "safe hand" pitch that the GOP platform tacitly undermines.

  3. A thought for you Jonathan:

    You persuasively argue that the VP pick has little if any effect on the ticket come November. At the same time, at least the last three administrations have utilized VPs extensively (and arguably effectively) to help the executive brand.

    Does it make sense for Mitt Romney to put most of the weight on who to decide on for VP toward the candidate who would be most effective in a White House role?


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