Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elsewhere: Budgets, Romney

Today at PP, I had one talking about Greg's idea of Romney as a "trust me" candidate, and said that it's the fault of the GOP nomination process -- and a problem for Republicans.

Yesterday, it was war on budgeting again. I said that the Romney position that, contrary to the House Republican position, Republicans should now be against including the ACA Medicare cuts in their budget was a great example of the war on budgeting. After all, Romney is taking some $700B out of spending cuts, and replacing it with...well, nothing, because once it's re-designated as something they like then there's no reason to offset it. Or, more to the point, in a budgetless world the whole concept of offsets doesn't make any sense.

I was thinking of writing one saying that Romney Republicans are the rare party that is explicitly in favor of waste, fraud, and abuse, but I think that's a bit much. Still, apparently the Medicare Advantage portion of the cuts is flat-out waste, and I suspect you could get them on some Pentagon stuff, too.


  1. Still, apparently the Medicare Advantage portion of the cuts is flat-out waste...

    Everything private is better than anything public is, or can ever be, because it's private.

    And that's worth paying a premium for. Like getting an Acura instead of just a Honda.

  2. Speaking of Romney's taxes, do you suppose that Harry Reid did him a favor by making "never less than 13%" sound relatively good?

  3. "War on budgeting"?

    Are you talking about the lefty controlled US Senate, which hasn't submitted a budget in over 3 years?


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