Thursday, August 9, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Ken Norton; I guess I should say Ken Norton, Sr., 69. I do miss heavyweight boxing; ethics of it aside, and I'm not here to mount a defense, it really was a terrific sport to watch, and the great boxers of the 1970s were just a wonderful group. I'll still watch pretty much any Ali, Foreman, or Frazier fight if it's on TV, and Norton was probably the next best of the era, I guess. And of course he beat Ali, making him only one of two to do that before Ali got old.

So on to the good stuff:

1. David Frum has an eye on the swamps.

2. While Dan Drezner has fun at Jennifer Rubin's expense. My question: if James Baker was "infamous for his anti-Israel stance," then how is it that Barack Obama is the first President of the United States ever to not be in complete agreement with Israel at all times? It is, you know, one of the most fun GOP talking points of the cycle (okay, not always exactly in those words). As far as real US/Israeli conflict, I know 1956 is a long time ago, but still...

3. More shooting fish in a barrel: Harry Enten has fun at Dick Morris's expense.

4. I can't really give a third straight CotD on Romney and taxes, but Andrew Sprung has a terrific takedown of a WSJ editorial attempting to knock down the TPC analysis. I especially like the bit where they quote TPC's comment that dynamic scoring is a joke as TPC's analysis is wrong while ignoring that TPC actually did run the numbers with dynamic scoring. Yes, that part is lazy mendacity.

5.Andrew Rudalevige talks welfare waivers.

6. And Sarah Kliff on beating the doctor shortage.


  1. I know it is amateur hour over at Rommney HQ still -- I mean it isn't the end of August -- but at what point does the Republican part realize it would do a lot better with Obama as President for the next four years. Thinks of the fundraising!

  2. If you guys are interested Drezner and Rubin got into a twitter fight over Drezner's great post. Largely about various speeches and articles by foreign policy wonks. Drezner did a follow up about how Rubin got all of her facts wrong yet again in her follow up post:

    Most importantly he ended by saying "...bear just a wee bit of responsibility for this kind of mendacity and laziness?" The "lazy mendacity" meme is catching on! Today is a great day for plain blog and a great day for America!


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