Friday, October 12, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Bob Mould, 52.  As good as there is.

And some good stuff after all:

1. John Sides, pre-debate.

2. Joseph Cera on the Veep debate and public opinion.

3 Really good Adam Serwer item on Libya, Team Obama, and "politicization."

4. And Ann Friedman continues GIFing the debates.


  1. How about when Ryan said his greatest skill was "honesty"? Did I hear that right?

    1. Ha, yes, he blurted that out so quickly that I did a double-take too.

  2. JB, as someone who is completely ignorant of all things Bob Mould, what is his best work?

    1. I'm not sure you would get a single answer on that one. Here's what I'm listening to today, though:

      Workbook (solo)
      Metal Circus (Husker Du)
      The Living End (Husker Du)
      Copper Blue (Sugar)
      Body of Song (solo)

      Which isn't at all a best-of, but is pretty career-spanning. Let's select out five tracks is pretty impossible, but I'll try anyway.

      First of the Last Calls (early Husker Du)
      Ice Cold Ice (late Husker Du)
      See a Little Light (early solo)
      A Good Idea (Sugar)
      High Fidelity (late solo)

    2. Guess it's proof that I'm a sellout poser, but I always liked the album "Candy Apple Grey." If you want an example of Mould having a big musical range in terms of what he could write, "Hardly Getting Over It" is a good best of track too.

  3. IMO, start with the Husker Du albums Zen Arcade and New Day Rising. I think that was their peak.


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