Friday, October 19, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Al Gallagher, 67. Dirty Al Gallagher; or, as I always think of him, Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher. Hmmm...first of all, I haven't looked him up for a while, and I'm sort of shocked that he three years with the Giants (plus one with the Angels). One of the illusions of youth; he lasted forever, to me. Probably because baseball began in 1969-1970 for me (1970 was his rookie year) as something I really followed, so at that point who knows which guys had been around for a while and which were brand new. Well, I mean, you learn soon enough about Willie Mays, but...I mean obviously at some point I knew how long he had been around, but it just isn't the same. More on Gallagher: what happened, anyway? Ages 24 and 25 he wasn't anything special, but he was okay, and then splat - I guess he was one of the many things that went wrong in 1972. One more note about a guy who very few of you care about: he managed in the independent leagues beginning in 1995, and continuing all the way up through 2010.

OK, that was long. On the the good stuff

1. I like this Jared Bernstein post about blogs and evidence.

2. Sarah Posner on Dinish D'Souza (a few hours before he lost his day job).

3. Great Ta-Nehisi Coates post...oh, just read it.

4. And Andrew Gelman on partisanship and charity


  1. I read that TNC post yesterday, and I swear I thought to myself, "This is so incredibly good, I wonder why Jonathan didn't put it in 'Read Stuff, You Should.'"

  2. JB, I'll be interested to know if you have anything to add to Greg Sargent's comments on the well-done Politico piece on intra-GOP Senate nomination troubles. (Would that Politico always dedicated itself to this sort of substantive, deeply politics-focused reporting!):

  3. Yes, that was a great post. Obama's a failure - you're just a racist.

    I wonder how long before people realize D'souza is being read out because he is going back to brown.


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