Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Marco Scutaro, 37. Sometimes, things just happen. Lifetime OPS+ 94; OPS+ over 243 PAs with the Giants, 145.Yes, the downside of Brian Sabean is that Scutaro will now get an Aubrey Huff deal, but it's mostly just money; it's not as if he's blocking anyone. And it was sure great while it lasted.

The good stuff:

1. XKCD takes on Congressional history as seen through DW-NOMINATE. Not real thrilled about reference to "party systems," but hard to complain too much.

2. Thad Hall on potential electoral -- democratic -- disaster. See also Paul Gronke.

3. Doug Mataconis on the Electoral College.

4. And thinking about the economic effects of Sandy, by Suzy Khimm.


  1. While you are linking so many comments about the electoral college, I was wondering if you would give your thoughts on Garrett Jones's piece:


  2. Can you expand on why you're not thrilled about the XKCD reference to party systems? Do you think it's a bad name for a real phenomenon, or are you challenging the idea that there are meaningful differences between those periods, whatever you call them?


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