Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elsewhere: Recess, Roslin, EC

Yesterday at PP I said that Barack Obama should be using the leverage he has to fight for exec branch nomination reform in the Senate -- he should be threatening recess appointments, and make them if needed, until the Senate goes to simple majority confirmation of those appointments.

At Greg's place, I responded to the latest article about the GOP scheme to rig the electoral college by making my argument that it probably won't really happen.

And today at PP I revived the Continuity of Government plan for presidential succession, which I pretty much do every time there's an excuse (which often, as it was today, comes when Matt Yglesias posts on how bad the current plan is). Yes, as usual, I referenced Laura Roslin and Glen Walken, and they used a Roslin picture.


  1. What makes you think Michigan Republicans wouldn't do it? In the last Michigan House of Reps election the Democrats won the popular vote, 53-46, quite decisive for a swing state, and the Republicans still kept control of the chamber easily. The gerrymandering goes deep and there's no reason to think this or really anything at all will cost Michigan Republicans their majority any time soon.

  2. Just because the plan is a bad idea doesn't mean it isn't important to point out why it is bad.

  3. Nice piece on Continuity in Government. I read the plan when it first came out, haven't thought about it much since as it unfortunately (if predictably) failed to gain any traction.

    Having the most aged majority party member of the Senate 3rd in line to the Presidency, is, of course, preposterous. Having Congress in the line of succession makes no sense in the contemporary party system, and runs contrary to separation of powers.

    However, Pat Leahy might place a welcome focus on Batman in his administration.

    1. Pat Leahy is my hero simply for finding a way to get himself into The Dark Knight & Rises.

  4. I Have a Dream: President Obama will One day Comfort the Parents of Drone Victims of Pakistan @ http://www.themuslimtimes.org/2012/12/uncategorized/i-have-a-dream-presdent-obama-also-comforting-parents-of-drone-victims

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