Monday, December 3, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Damon Berryhill, 49. For those of us from my age cohort, the (apparent?) demise of Jamie Moyer is a very big deal; for me in particular, and well before Moyer became significant, there was this guy, who made it all the way to 1997. Ah well; could have been worse, I suppose.

From there to the good stuff:

1. David Roberts interviews filibuster reformer Jeff Merkley.

2. How parties are stuck with the coalition that brung 'em, explained by John Sides.

3. No, winning a statehouse doesn't give a party an edge in the next presidential election; Eric Ostermeier on governors and presidential swing states.

4. This profile of David Wasserman, the man who is supplying all the election returns info, is good and I'm glad to see him get the publicity, but the LA Times's Mark Barabak ignores and therefore doesn't answer the obvious questions: where's the AP? Where are the NYT and WaPo and CNN newsrooms?

5. And some fun with the Oval Office, compiled by Noreen Malone. Recommended mainly for Obama fans.


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