Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Question for Conservatives

What's your big (and preferably at least somewhat realistic) hope for the New Year?


  1. Supreme Court ends affirmative action in the land.

  2. That Obama doubles or triples NASA's budget, with the goal of building an ever-expanding lunar base and colony, as preparation for colonizing Mars and other planets.

    Even if planetary colonization isn't feasible, announcing it as a goal ought to solve many many problems, since several million liberal and conservative pundits will immediately vomit themselves unto oblivion and death.

  3. I don't think my dream of William Safire coming back to life and teaching the Republicans how to articulate opposition without coming off as hysterical is possible, nor is the possibility of Republicans not taking the debt ceiling hostage for as much as they can get. But as a Republican I would like to see the party take a proactive stance in whatever happens with immigration reform this year.

  4. The miraculous revenues arising from another tech bubble

    (*How do you define "somewhat realistic"?)

  5. Defeating amnesty once again for the 11 million illegal immigrants in 2013. Amnesty will attract many millions more unskilled Mexican workers to our country, permanently dumbing down our schools and our culture and raising the cost of our welfare state. We should have an immigration policy like that of Canada and Australia, that allows in the wealthy and/or highly skilled of any ethnic backgroung to add value to our economy and culture.


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