Monday, December 24, 2012

Housekeeping and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating the holiday. And for the rest of us, a very happy Rickey Henderson's birthday tomorrow. I've always thought that Oakland Tech should be named in his honor, but I hadn't realized how many famous people went there -- not just Ron Dellums, but also (assuming wikipedia is correct) Clint Eastwood, Huey P. Newton, Ted Lange, and Frank Oz. Okay, granted, only a handful of people think Ted Lange is important, but still. Also Rod McKuen, but I'm guessing he has fewer fans than Ted Lange. I'd still name it after Henderson, but I suppose I could see arguments for others (I care because I used to live more or less across the street from it, or at least in the same general neighborhood).

Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, I'll be helping out over at Greg's place all week, including the roundups, and so I think I'll likely not do morning links posts until after New Year's Day. My apologies to all worthies with birthdays this week. And posting over here in general will be pretty light until next Wednesday, when things return to normal, although I'll have some items for sure. As usual, when I'm doing extra duty at Plum Line (and my regular stuff at PostPartisan) I'll mostly encourage you to click over there (I'll be writing there in the afternoon, with Jamelle Bouie handling the mornings), and I won't do "elsewhere" posts back here, at least not too often. Happy Holidays!

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  1. I would appreciate your doing occasional "elsewhere" summary posts as I can click in from your blog without hitting the paywall.


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