Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Sheila E., 53.

And a bit of the good stuff:

1. Matt Yglesias David Weigel looks back at twenty years of Peterson deficit hype.

2. Suzy Khimm profiles Barack Obama's Congressional liaison, Rob Nabors. Nice story, and a typical career path for White House staff in the era of the partisan presidency; Nabors had previously worked for Bill Clinton's OMB and Dave Obey's Appropriations Committee, but not for Obama before his presidency.

3. And a good look at Hillary Clinton's polling numbers over the years from Nate Silver.


  1. First link was actually written by Dave Weigel!

  2. While not writing that great article I do think Yglesias deserves consideration for a Catch of the Day with his article about why some GOP governors are implimenting exchanges for Obamacare and Chris Cristie isn't (its about the invisible primary: "What's different in New Jersey? Nothing, really, except that Christie is a political celebrity who has presidential buzz in the media and is known to have some backers in both the GOP donor base and the GOP policy community while Butch Otter and Gary Herbert are basically nobodies. And what we're seeing here is that Christie not only has fans, but he wants to position himself to make a run."

    Not only is this a great catch but it's a good example of how reporters should be covering this period in the 2016 cycle.


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