Friday, December 21, 2012

Read Stuff, You Shold

Happy Birthday to Samuel L. Jackson, 64.

Right to the good stuff:

1. Chris Frates in National Journal gets it right on Plan B and the road ahead; see also a good pre-non-vote post by Matt Yglesias.

2. And of course you want to read Sarah Binder on the debacle.

3. The presidency and gun control, from Brendan Nyhan.

4. Jennifer Duffy with fun facts from the 2012 elections.

5. Philip Klein tries to talk sense to conservatives about realistic expectations from the fiscal cliff.

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  1. Binder makes several good observations; imo the best was that any yes-voting Republican to Plan B was bound to get the Dick Lugar treatment from the Club for Growth in 2014. There may be moderate Republicans; there are surely no districts immune to the Tea Party.

    Its funny to think that optimism for a pre-Dec 31st deal created faith that moderate Republicans would sacrifice their jobs for the approval of David Frum, two moderates at National Review and a horde of happy liberals. All due respect to Frum, I suspect even he wouldn't readily sacrifice his own job in exchange for the high regard of Frum.

    Jonathan's assessment in the previous post likely captures why the thing went down in flames: Boehner was trolling for support, he found no one willing to commit hari kari over this, and he wisely retreated. The further observation about the same vote being a tax cut in 2013 is also apt; contra the other optimists, imo a January solution along those lines is the most likely now.


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