Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catch of the Day/Tom P. Baxter Update

David Leonhardt:
Five and counting: consecutive @newtgingrich tweets on driverless cars.
Oh, gosh, it's worth giving you this:

Catherine: I realize no one can actually predict the future, but I understand you have a unique insight into where we might be headed as we approach the turn of the century.

Tom: Yeah, I do. As I see it, Catherine, the future of business, well, the future of this country in fact is... computers.

Catherine: Computers. Okay, would you care to elaborate on that?

Tom: Oh, you bet! I think computers are great! You can keep records on them, play games. They're, well, they're like magic.

Catherine: Uh-huh...

Tom: I mean, I don't have one yet. But I'm gonna get one, you better believe that.

Catherine: What exactly do you do for a living, Tom?

Tom: Well, I'm between things right now, but all that's gonna change just as soon as I get a computer!
We're doing a #newtu course on driverless cars. Any specific areas you would like us to cover?

Would you use a driverless car? Why or why not? We're making a #newtu course on this. Share your ideas.

What are some creative ways for us to use driverless cars? Tweet me your ideas. #newtu

Have you read or seen anything interesting on driverless cars? Tweet it to me, and I might use in my next #newtu course.

RT if you'd ride in a driverless car. I would. #newtu

Clipped from the clip linked above? The part where Jimmy calls Tom P. Baxter a "total fraud."

And: nice catch!

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  1. Well, if that was 1995, it was rather prescient ^-^

    Of course, anyone who had a computer in 1995 knew that.


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