Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Kevin Connally, 39. Yeah, I watched, and enjoyed, Entourage. I think I've seen all the episodes by now (I didn't watch in order)...I didn't think it was great, but for whatever reason it rarely annoyed me.

Good stuff:

1. Chait, in all his glory.

2. Ed Kilgore on liberal vs. conservative definitions of spending cuts. Whether you agree with Kilgore or not, it's important to understand the debate if you want to translate what everyone is saying.

3. Conor Friedersdorf on what reporters should be worried about (and asking about) from the Obama Administration.

4. Political misinformation, from Seth Masket.

5. And what if employers offer insurance under the ACA -- but employees aren't interested? Another good Sarah Kliff item.

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