Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Will Clark, 49.

Good stuff:

1. Brendan Nyhan on Glenn Kessler's plan vs. talking point column.

2. What we don't know from Paul Ryan's budget, from Ezra Klein.

3. But Ryan does appear to be using honest growth estimates, Dylan Matthews reports.

4. Adam Serwer profiles Thomas Perez, who will be the next Secretary of Labor if he can survive a filibuster. My guess? I don't have one, other than a cloture vote is virtually certain and I can't imagine he'll get much more than 60 at best.

5. Senators who won't talk to reporters. Interesting, although I would have liked just a bit more context. From Ginger Gibson. 

6. And Robert Greenstein on Ryan's budget.


  1. RE: Nyhan & Kessler - I'm starting to dislike the term centrist, particularly as it applies to Kessler's sort of punditry. Equivocationist seems more apt.

  2. I'm not sure Kessler is saying the president can do it if he wants. He's saying it's not really a plan unless the president tries hard, which may not be true either, but it's different. On the other hand, the assertion that it's not a plan unless it overhauls entitlements is to take one side's goal as the essence of a plan. A plan could leave entitlements as they are but address the root causes of rising health-care costs whether those costs are for by public or private means.

  3. You've got to wonder when some editor is going to sit Kessler down and explain basic English to him.

  4. I was 14, a first baseman, and huge Giants fan in 1986. Will Clark will be my favorite ballplayer until the day I die.


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