Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elsewhere: ACA, Cruz, Post-Policy

Today I have a post over at PP about the ACA, implementation, and public opinion.

Yesterday at PP I had a fun one about "How to be Ted Cruz." Alas, it sort of got lost because Jennifer Rubin posted her Ted Cruz slam at almost exactly the same time.

At Plum Line yesterday, I wrote about post-policy Republicans and the debt limit.

Oh, and at Salon over the weekend, another one about term limits, focused a little more on why it keeps coming back.

And I'm just going to add: I've been enjoying the last two months of Watergate blogging, but I'm really, really, ready for things to calm down a bit finally.

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  1. In defense of conservative voters -- they just keep looking for the "real" conservative politicians, because the ones they've got obviously haven't been supporting limited government.

    I'll also say that yesterday's special election in MA won't stop anyone from believing that there's a liberal cabal at the heart of GOP leadership. The winner on the Republican side was Gabriel Gomez, who just a few months earlier was promising to our governor (in the hopes of serving as Kerry's interim replacement) to support Obama's policy agenda. Gomez won a resounding victory because he was the only candidate with the money to run a large ad campaign. He had the money, in part, because our state committeeman shopped him around Republican circles in DC --upon his return, Gomez announced his candidacy, assured of the establishment's backing.

    Now, I don't really think there's a liberal cabal within the GOP, but it's hard to conclude that the party is being run by people who share the priorities of conservative voters.


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