Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Valerie Bertinelli, 53. Yes, of course I watch her retread show on TVLand, although I watch it the old fashioned way -- when I happen to see it when I'm flipping around the dial. If you haven't seen it...it's exactly what it should be, no better but no worse. Excellent idea, though.

Some good stuff:

1. Jay Ulfelder's guide for social scientists on twitter.

2. Dan Amira on the (un)reliability of Rand Paul on civil liberties issues.

3. 2016 (Republican) rules update, from Josh Putnam.

4. More on studies of the health care cost slow-down, from Sarah Kliff.

5. Nice Sean Trende item on the gun bill and midterms.

6. And Dan Larison on George W. Bush's foreign policy.


  1. I was hoping the "2106" link would talk about the 22nd century!

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  3. Also more good news on the senate age front (and policy front), where Max from Montana is leaving and his potential replacement, Brian Schweitzer, would shave 14 annis off the senate's mark. (had my latin tense wrong)

  4. Rand Paul has now come out against enemy combatant status, so either the scoldings brought him in line or he was just staying quiet for a few days for some other reason?

  5. Valerie and Eddie Van Halen made such a cute couple. Now that's a reality show I would watch, following around EVH all day.


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