Monday, April 29, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Kate Mulgrew, 58. Excellent captain, even if she is the only captain to get dumped by Sam Malone.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. Andrew Rudalevige on Barack Obama and Taylor Swift.

2. Jonathan Cohn does not see a train wreck coming on ACA implementation. Rough road, but no train wreck.

3. But on the cost side, see Ezra Klein's important reported story about the one thing that might work...but no one wants it.

4. With a useful follow-up from Aaron Carroll.

5. Since I wrote about this last week, I think I should link: Aakash Abbi, the student who taped Frank Luntz defends it.

6. Seth Masket on women as candidates.

7. And Ann Friedman's Disapproval Matrix.


  1. Kelsey Grammer once played a starship captain, and while not dumped by Sam Malone, he came close.

    1. Kelsey Grammer was dumped on by Sam Malone in at least 70% of his episode.

      Kate Mulgrew was dumped by Sam in only 33% of her episodes, and should get bonus credit for picking up Sam rather than the other way around.

      Wasn't Brent Spiner in the first Eddie LeBec episode?

    2. Hmmm...Brent Spiner was in the one where Diane was on jury duty. I don't remember if that's the first one with Eddie or not. Which I'm embarrassed for not knowing right off the my defense, planning to get started on Cheers with the younger daughter soon (trying to decide whether to go NewsRadio first or not).

      Also, Kelsey Grammer was a terrible starship captain, but "Bateson" class candidates are named after him, and I do hope people adopt it:

  2. I'm curious by what standard Janeway counts as an "excellent captain." It seems to me you could put together a series as least as long as your Nixon series about her blunders and general ineptitude.

    Granted, that was more the writers' fault than Mulgrew's...

  3. What Republicans did these architects compromise into voting for the ACA? It just looked like they rammed the giant thing through without caring about bipartisan support:

    "The architects of reform had to make all sorts of compromises, just to get the law past lobbyists and obstructionist Republicans."

    1. Were you in a coma for all of 2009-2010?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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